Spiritual Practices

Right Attitude

Spiritual Practice: Right attitude is a matter of perspective. When something happens that you don't like, imagine a different perspective from that which you are used to. If you have a God's-eye view of the situation, you would see how everything meshes together perfectly—the good and the seemingly bad. Imagine a different view of the situation. Maybe something was denied you because something better is in store. Maybe you need to learn a significant spiritual lesson, and once learned, the situation can hardly be seen as negative. Take the attitude that everything that happens has its hidden blessing (but don't let this attitude stifle your feelings if it's a major loss—grieving is natural and needs to be felt and expressed).

Spiritual Practice: Instead of expecting others to treat you kindly, treat others with kindness. Take an attitude of kindness and service, and you'll feel more joy, whether others treat you with kindness or not.

Spiritual Practice: Adopt an attitude of being a child of God. You deserve what comes to you, and more. You are an heir to the universe. You have all the energy and power and creativity you need to make a difference in your life and in others' lives. Accept the power that you have. Affirm: “I am a child of God, perfect, powerful, and creative. I am heir to the universe."

Spiritual Practice: No matter where you are right now, see it as a steppingstone to something greater. Then take positive steps to transform your present circumstances into that steppingstone. Your attitude can make it happen. If you change your thoughts and your attitude, you can make it a reality.

Spiritual Practice: In a time of great difficulties, affirm: “I have God-given power and strength within me to create new opportunities and circumstances. I think, make plans, and act with that inner power strengthening and supporting me."

Spiritual Practice: See God in everything: in people, so-called enemies, friends, family, in all circumstances, whether good or bad, in every object, in every blessing, in every creature. If God is in everything, everything is good, everything is for your benefit. Adopt that attitude.